Saturday, March 9, 2013

Literary Loom

A historical fiction/ Sci Fi written by my own mother takes you on an adventure through history's heroes and the divine hand of god through out history. Josh Sawyer a new student is matched up with this weird o of a girl named Ester for an English assignment, a oral report of a book. Theirs so happens to be Joan Of Arc by Mark Twain. Josh hating books didn't even start and has only days to finish it. Ester on the other hand has already started the first half and days that with the help of her Uncle they can finish it in no time. Josh with no other option agrees. At the weird house of the Uncle who happens to be an adventurer creates a time travel machine but only for books. Thanks to this they finish it on time and do great on the report so great that Josh is admitted to the Debate Team like he wanted. Mr. Pierce a creep of a teacher is the captain. Right away it is obvious that he is a controlling man who everyone obeys. Except for Josh who stood up for Ester to Mr. Pierce saying that she was nonsense because she believed in God. In the process of defying Mr. Pierce he challenges him to a debate to prove God that he is real. Josh returns to the Loom going through history proving that God exists. The debate is here, who is to win? Note: Through out this book you are inspired and touched. This book lets you know that He is real, and the indescribable way of his love. There is no doubt. This book will make you cry.

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